PAN AFRICAN WOMAN was catapulted into existence by the still dire conditions of African women and thus families today and believes that by virtue of most African cultures, women are placed centrally in the family and thus, community structures. With this then is recognised, the need to ameliorate the economic status of women in order to make the difference in living conditions which all our communities are screaming for. The ethos of this organisation lives within a model that enhances the power and the strength of women to take full charge and responsibility for their lives in order to participate significantly in them and to be able to give sustainable sustenance to those whose lives they also support. This they will do through harnessing their creativity and full self-expression which will be taken into full cognisance in the outputting of the work of PAW in each of the projects embarked upon. This will be ensured through the vehicle of diversity appreciation and enhancement which is central to the core skills and ethos of PAW. Wherever possible, PAW will have intrinsic representation in each entity into which they buy.


Pan African Woman is the brainchild of Vuyo Koyana, a young, dedicated South African Black woman, the owner of The Pan African Market. She saw the need for a Black woman’s investment vehicle in a diversity-challenged Cape Town business environment and decided to utilise, as a capital base, her existing business as a platform for such an initiative. Currently, she is the proprietor of The Pan African Market and has always nurtured the vision of devolving a portion of the ownership of this establishment to the other critical players who have over the 10 years of its existence, been involved in the turning of its wheels.

She has identified the women traders, trading assistants as well as specific suppliers and contractors to be the first beneficiaries of this devolution process. This investment arm of The Pan African Market will play the role of creating wealth and knowledge for, and giving an economic voice to the women who are part and parcel of the current business as well others who are players in the broader arts and culture and youth development arenas. PAW also has a considerable rural women membership.


Through a broad-based development model, create wealth for and with as many African women as possible, both individually and through existing and far-reaching community structures that focus on women and youth To create a sense of possibility for ordinary citizens and youth by supporting viable development concepts as well as entrepreneurial dreams To reverse the effects of centuries of patriarchy and discrimination by giving women a voice in the economic sector

PAW plays in the following sectors:

- Commodities facilitation
- Food catering
- Decor
- Arts and culture and tourism
- Learning and development

Some of our clients


Client Testimonials

    Being in a space Facilitated by Sis’ Vuyo is like being in a creative holding where you are shaken in ways that invite all of yourself to bear witness to what is happening. It is a place where everything you hold dear is awakened and you are dared to be courageous enough to show up in your soul essence. In this place all neglected parts of yourself show up to be integrated once more and your participation demands that you stay true to all that is calling you and all that you long to be. Whether in her diversity work or in the work she does in transformative leadership this remains the same. The space that is created will challenge you to be more of yourself. Expect to be challenged and held in the most generous ways. Expect a reckoning of spirit and soul. Expect to remember what it feels like to be whole. Expect to never forget that as you journey on... - Injairu Kulundu-Bolus from  Shedding Skins & Transgressive Learning for Social Change
  • Vuyo Koyana was a valued partner to me and my marketing team at Coca-Cola South Africa. We undertook a number of initiatives with her as a key facilitator. The initiativesincluded team building interventions, but the bulk of Vuyo's work with us wascentered on diversity training and interventions. This work was in the areas of bothrace and also gender - which was a first at the Coca-Cola company. These interventions, while tough, were certainly impactful and successful and theteam benefitted thereafter from an increased  sense of awareness, transparency andsensitivity to a very tough issue facing SA businesses today. Made for a moreeffective team and enhanced delivery of results. I have no hesitation in recommending Vuyo for work such as this. She is an excellentfacilitator, insightful, sensitive and when it is required, challenging. She had an instant connection with a very diverse team of highly intelligentmarketers.  She was well liked and respected. She is also an impactful person, witha graceful presence. Don't be mistaken, however, she is up for the challenges that present themselves inthis critical area. I would gladly work with her again.
    Amanda Manchia
    Coca Cola Company: Group Marketing Director Africa